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48V100Ah Smart Lithium Battery

lithium battery for power supply
48V100Ah Smart Lithium Battery




It was suitable for power supply such as small capacity access network devices, remote exchange bureau, mobile communication devices.transmission devices, satellite earth station and microwave communication devices.


It had the function of central control, battery maintenance and management to meet the requirements of no one on duty; it could be monitored in real time through the mobile APP.
Nominal voltage 48V
Nominal capacity 100Ah
Charge voltage 54.7V
Discharge cut-off voltage 37.5V
Suggested charge current 50A
Suggested discharge current 100A
Maximum current 120A
Life cycle at normal temperature 2000 times
Communication mod RS485ICAN
Charge temperature 0-45°C
Discharge temperature 20-60°C
Model of the interface 2P Fence terminal
Battery weight 43KG
Battery size 483*400*130MM
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